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Can customers leave feedback and why is it important to me?

Yes, customers can share feedback. Good ratings from customers bring you more business as you will have higher ratings displayed on www.gulioafricacom. At the same time, negative feedback gives you an opportunity for you to improve your performance.

How do I contact GULIO AFRICA to become a seller? Is there a seller helpline?

Yes, you can get all the help you need. GULIO AFRICA  now has a dedicated seller’s page and 24x7 support for sellers. You can raise a ticket through the Seller Support Ticket Dashboard.

Alternatively,  you may register  by your self on  or email us at:

How and when do I get paid?

All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking) or Via Mobile Money to your bank account or registered MSISDN.

What if Store ship item and received but customer delay to release Payment?

We as GulioAfrica we have right to release payment to store when we prove item is already delivered.


Is there any way for customer to pay and not receive item?

NO , Payment is released when item received. We have tool that can track all the activities from item purchased to item delivery .

What is special order and how is works ?

Special order is a feature designed on GulioAfrica platform to easy get item.What you need to is fill form at and GulioAfrica System will connect you to respective Selling that item.

What is Commission fee and how much commission is charged?

Commission fee is a certain percentage of the order item value of your product. We charge 5% of any item sold out via GULIO AFRICA System.

Who decides the price of the product?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

How many listings are required to start selling?

You are required to have a minimum of 1 listings(unique products) to start selling on GULIO AFRICA

When can I start selling?

After all the required documents have been verified and your seller profile is complete, you can start listing your products and start selling.

How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions. GULIO AFRICA  will settle your payments once item received.


Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch.

Will I get charged for listing products on GulioAfrica?

No. Listing of products on is absolutely free. GulioAfrica does not charge anything for listing your catalogue online. You only pay a small commission for what you sell.

Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

How do I sell on GulioAfrica?

To sell on GulioAfrica:

  1. Register yourself at

  2. Your request will be sent to GulioAfrica admins for approval

  3. Once approve you will able to list your products under specific product categories.

  4. Once item purchased you will get email notification with instructions on what to do .

  5. Once an order is successfully dispatched and received to Customer payment will be done to your bank account or to your Mobile number.

Who can sell on GulioAfrica?

Anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have the following

Why should I sell on GulioAfrica?

GulioAfrica is the leader in Indian e-commerce with maximum online reach and highest credibility. With more than 10 crore registered customers, 10 million daily page visits and 80 lakh shipments every month to over 1000 cities, we are the strongest partner to take your products to customers all over India